Our services are designed to protect you, the home buyer. With a clear title comes peace of mind that your home - your greatest investment - is protected. Here's an overview of how we acheive that protection:

Title searches start with the most recent deed, searching the grantee's name (the person now holding title) backwards in time, until the deed when the grantee acquired the property is located. That grantor's name is then searched backwards in time to find when the grantor acquired title as a grantee. This process continues, and over time, the property description involves larger and larger parcels of land. Eventually, our searchers find the U. S. Patent.

Deeds establish chain-of-title, but sometimes those chains are broken. In addition, our title searchers will also look for reconveyances (proof that the encumbrances are paid off), as well as easements, rights-of-way, CC&Rs, and other elements affecting title to the property.

Title polices are good forever and you only need to pay for them once, making title policy insurance the best insurance you'll ever buy!

Here are a few of the more common risks that title insurance will protect you against:

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