In order to process your transfer there must be no mortgage or liens on the property. The must also be no outstanding payments due to Westwood, for example-past due maintenance, etc. If there is nothing outstanding we can proceed with the transfer.

We will need you to mail us copies of your deeds with a check made payable to Homestead Land Services.  If you do not have a deed, there will be a $5 fee each deed. We will need to collect $75 deed preparation fee, $58 Recording Fee. If the property is a relative to relative transfer, there will be no transfer tax needed. If not, there will be a fee of 2% based on your purchase price, in the event of a purchase price of 1$, the transfer tax will be based upon the current market value, which is currently $21.74.

You can mail the check and deed(s) to 3360 Rte 940 Ste 101, Mt Pocono PA 18344, Attn: Christy.

Please be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email (if applicable) in your mailing, as well as the correct name and your relationship to the person you are selling or transferring to (Example-Brother, sister, mother, father, child or if they are a stranger - this will affect your transfer tax). If you are doing a name change because of divorce, marriage or death please provide me with documentation included in the mailing (Death certificate, marriage certificate Etc.)

Once we receive your check for the deed(s) (if you have them) we will prepare your new deed and sent it to you to get notarized.

That will take some time.

Once we get the notarized deeds back in our office we will send them to be recorded.

Once they come back recorded, we will mail you the original.

Be sure that you make Westwood aware of your changes.

If you have any questions please call or email.